Zee Family is now Unavailable!

Existing Zee Family customers: Sign-up for Sling TV today and get a Free preview

It's easy to watch Zee Family on Sling TV. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. We have already created a free account for you using your current Zee Family email address.
  2. Create your Sling TV password:
    • Go to www.sling.com/password and setup your new password using the email address on the account.
    • Download the free Sling TV app or see all supported devices by clicking on Devices.
    • Sign in to the app using your email address and password.

Need more help on this issue?
Visit Sling at Help Center
Email: Contact Sling
Customer service: 1-888-291-5217

Free Preview in Sling only available till 30 November, 2016.
You can continue watching Zee Family channels after your FREE preview for only $9.99/mo

Disclaimer: Offer not valid for current SLING TV customers